Rope Bollards and Rope Barriers, CROW-NR

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Product Code: CROW-NR
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This product has a minimum quantity of 2


Product: Rope Bollards and rope barriers - Silver Colour, minimum order 2 x units.
Product Code: CROW-NR
1x Stainless Steel construction Crowbarriers + 1 crowded ropes with your selected colour

*4 way connectivity design.

*Easy Assemble

*320mm wide base 

*Rubber base design to avoid scratches on floors.

*Durable Metal plate assemble on base to add weight.


There are different rope link colour option available. RED, BLACK ,BLUE and WHITE. 

Height: 1m

Material: Chrome Finished Stainless Steel 

Weight: 7.5kg


Pole Height 880mm(H)
Colour Steel Silver

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