DL Perspex / Acrylic Menu Sign Holder - Slant Back

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Product: DL Perspex / Acrylic Menu Sign Holder - Slant Back

Item no: 45201


This acrylic sign holders are part of a great range of acrylic display for counter tops or shelves. This acrylic sign hold a DL sign displaying in portrait slant back format. They are one of the cheapest and easiest sign holders to use.

By using sign holders around your store and advertise all your sales and promotions. As these sign holders are slant back, you will be displaying your sign stand in slant back style.

To add advertisements to the sign holder, slide your signage into the side of the unit. Updating advertisement becomes a simple task for your staff and they can be displayed and updated easily. If you are looking for this type of acrylic sign holder, we have them in A4 acrylic sign stand and A5 acrylic sign stand.


Material: Clear acrylic


Dimensions: DL Portrait display area (trifold of A4), thickness 2mm


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