Fabricated Letters / 3D Signage - 200mm(H) x 3mm(D) x 10 Letters, 3DS1

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Product Code: 3DS1
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Product: 3D Signage - Single Sided
**Indoor and Outdoor Use, Made in Australia
Custom Size, Material and 2Pac are also available. Please feel free to call: (02) 9707 3030  or email: sales@sydneyad.com.au for a free quote!
**Price included 10 x Maximum height of 200mm, 3mm thick Acrylic 3D Letters, (a choice of Black, White, Red, Clear or Opal colour)
*Turnaround time: 5-10 business days after artwork confimrations
Size: Maximum 200mm(H) x 3mm(D)
Product Code: 3DS1
Visual Size: 200mm(H) x 3mm(D)
3D letters material: Acrylic
Colour: A choice of Black, White, Red, Clear or Opal colour
• Most popular for office use, shopping centres and retail shops
• Flexible graphics can be made
• Water-proof
• Commonly used in all area of display: Retails, Shopping Centres, Real estate industry, Cafes, Restaurants and Exhibition campaigning 
• Custom sizes are available


Sydney AD workshop:


1. Laser cutting machine:



2. Laser Cut 3D Letters in Acrylic and MDF:








3. Powder Coating / 2Pac Finishing:



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